Pride & Envy

by Jonny Dark

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Pride & Envy is the first album from Jonny Dark. Almost everything on the album was written, played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonny in his little bedroom studio.


released August 28, 2010




Jonny Dark UK

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Track Name: Travelling Song
Don't look back Jack
Keep walking down the dusty track
Heavy sack on your back
Don't stop you know that it's a fact
That a fool
For some jewels
Will take the road most travelled

Worker bee, worker bee
That ain't me
Take a ship to sea and find a brand new country
Do it style
For a while
But no one knew that all you wanted was

Somebody to
Say this is the right thing to do
And ease your mind

And say
You must do this
To get true bliss
I do insist
In fact it's pointless to resist
I mean how could you not walk forward
With those legs you have?

Silky smooth move
You're breaking out of your groove
It ain't no cruise
No, but this is the life you choose
To give
And to live
And not to just exist

Look at you, look at you
Is this really what you wanna do
Work from nine to five
Wondering when you are going to die

Who the hell do you think, do you think I am?

Don't look back Jack
Keep walking down the dusty track
Heavy sack on your back
Don't stop you know that it's a fact
That it's quarter to two
And there's still an awful lot of travelling left to do
An awful lot of travelling left to do
Track Name: Blue
Blue is the colour of her emotion,
Full of fears and of regrets.
A false smile and a friendly gesture,
A look you can't forget.

A silent cry of desperation
Appears composed but falling in.
She won't let me help her
She won't let me in,
And it kills me to see her this way.

And if only knew I would do it for you
I'd turn my whole world blue.
And like the fiercest storms
Even this shall pass
Be strong and let it last

I'm no good at sympathy
Solutions are all I'm good for.
But that's not what she wants
Or maybe even what she needs
But she couldn't have it any other way
Track Name: I Follow My Leader
Brother soldier
Follow your orders

I follow my leader
He will lead me to no harm
I follow my leader
I'll sit back and remain calm

Minds will shatter like glass
With the correct applied force

I follow my leader
He will lead me to no harm
I follow my leader
There is no cause for alarm

I don't think a man could stop a tank
I know no man who would stop a tank
Track Name: I Like The Rain
Oi put the kettle on
Its time for another song
With some poppy lyrics
So you can all sing along
Cause modern life is complicated
And the past is overrated
Everything today seems a little bit overstated.
So lets take a break from life, love and government,
Shut out all the prophets writing on the pavement.
So lets get some pills
And a few happy meals
So I can forget how to feel.

Cause in my mind I have won,
Its so much fun
To feel so numb.

I like the rain
It reminds me that I'm not in Spain
And maybe that makes me insane
Or just a little strange
I'm not sure
But here we are, in this glorius English weather
Liquid sunshines all the same
So I really can't complain

Give me T.V
Its so easy
Make me braindead so I can't see.
And funny how things are hectic
People remain apathetic
Strangely well adjusted
So you still have time to be poetic.
Oh what you see is what you get
You might have to get your fingers wet.
Better be a day dreamer,
Things are often cleaner,
And on the other side the grass is always greener.

And how are you today,
I think I've lost my way
And this skys so grey

I've had enough
I'm so filled up with so much stuff
I've had enough
My lifes filled up with so much stuff

I like the rain,
But not out of choice
But because I don't have a voice to speak

I like the rain
But because of my stupid refrain
That I really can't complain
Track Name: Twenty
Tick tock, tick tock
Mocked the clock sitting smug on the wall
You're how old now?
And yet to achieve much at all

Go slow, go slow
I vainly moaned as if a clock could answer
I don't want to get too much older

What I'd give
Not to regret
A single moment I have lived

I have to accept that I can no longer be
The tabloids' child prodigy
And that makes me feel old
Even though my whole lifes still ahead of me

Maybe one day I will cease to care
About that ticking clock
But until then I'm still the modern day
J Alfred Prufrock

I've just begun
There are many songs
I have left to be sung

Sing me a song
Sing it loud
Sing it clear
Sing me a song
That I'm yet to ever hear

When I was a child
I concerned myself with such childish things
I'm older now but I will not
Throw away, my childish dreams
Track Name: Pride & Envy
I wish I was a better performer
Better player, better singer
And set for stardom
Wish I was a little bit calmer
Little bit stronger
Handsome and quite the charmer
I wish I wouldn't get so stressed
About trying to be a success
But I wouldn't expect any less
From that lady with the green dress
That I do confess

Why am I so self absorbed
It's unsightly and likely
That I'm fighting for the next applause
Will they like the song I play?
Man I hope they won't be bored
'Cause any achievement that I get
Will go straight to my head
And I'll feign modesty
I mean honestly
Who am I trying to fool?
I'm still ruled

By my dear Envy
She will surely be the death of me
And her best friend Ire
Will be standing right beside her
Pride with Sloth he wears an ugly grin
Oh I am still the product of my sins

Lying in my bed till noon
Oh I probably should do something soon
I mean wasn't there a song you had to write?
Weren't you gonna play it at the gig tonight?

Oh No
Just let me stay in bed
Because these things sound so much better
In my head

There stands pride
In his black papier-mache armour
There is sloth who is sleeping in the corner
Ire, she bears a wilful frown
Leaving Envy in her shining green gown

Oh My dear Envy
She will surely be the death of me
And her best friend Ire
Will be standing right beside her
I can hardly be someone who wins
While I am still the product of my sins